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This is the highest designation offered by The Society and is presented to individuals that have a broad base of education and experience in the appraisal field.  The person holding this designation represents someone that has specialized experience and education in complex business appraisal.  The requirements for this designation are:

  1.     Take the two approved eight-hour (total of 16-hours) American Business Consultants, Inc. courses and pass the written exams.  And,
  2.     Hold an active real estate license, or, a State Certified General Appraisal License, or, a senior designation from an appraisal organization that belongs to the Appraisal Foundation.  And,
  3.     Successfully pass an industry knowledge test given by American Business Consultants, Inc.  And,
  4.     Submit for peer review and approval two business appraisals (reports may include demonstration reports).  Alternately,

If the individual does not have an active real estate license or the required business appraisal license or designation:  They must have a four-year formal education with degree or certificate, or, twelve-years of appraisal experience, of which a minimum of 50-percent of the previous years work was performed in business valuation.  If experience is being substituted the appraisals submitt



was founded in 1996 by Carolyn Jacobs, M.Ed.

BEC successfully trains all levels of employees in all aspects of ESL. From microbiologists struggling with Power Point presentations, to machine operators understanding basic instruction, BEC helps maximize your employees’ potential.


Carolyn W. Jacobs, M.Ed., President of BEC


Business English Consultants LLC teaches (ESL) English, on-site to employees who are learning English as their second, third, or even fourth language. We are corporate consultants who are committed to teaching the English skills needed to enhance your employee’s productivity. We ascertain the needs during assessment meetings with prospective students and managers. Together we set realistic goals for the time allotted. BEC then creates curricula that specifically meets the objectives. We do not offer “cookie-cutter” lessons. Everything is customized.


We hire only highly educated and seasoned ESL professionals. Many of our teachers have taught Business English in other countries. Many of them have multiple master’s degrees. All of them have a variety of language teaching experiences and are committed to “making a difference” with your employees. We always match the most highly qualified teacher to the specific assignment.


Our ESL instruction offers an enhanced value to you, our client; your employees; and your product or service.


When you offer ESL training to your employees, here are some of the values you may realize:



NEWSLETTER Volume One, Issue 1, Autumn, 1999

What’s Happening…

Welcome to the inaugural NMBC Newsletter, which will be published on a quarterly basis, to keep you informed of our activities. It has been two busy years since Michael B. Lierley & Bruce D. Gillmore founded NMBC to provide affordable solutions for Owner-Operated Businesses. You can be sure that we are very encouraged and excited about the future and look forward to working with you.

This spring NMBC conducted an in-depth survey of Boulder County businesses that was published in the June 1999 Issue of the “Boulder County Business Report.”

Click Here to go to the on-line issue and read how to better meet the challenges associated with managing your human resources.


A Success Story

Earlier this year, NMBC took on a project to develop and implement a Human Resources System for Twin Peaks Excavating, Inc. At that time it was as if they were “at the mercy of the labor force.” It was very difficult to keep 8 eight-person crews manned with competent workers. Finding experienced help, retention, attendance and tardiness were major problems.

Well, we are proud to say that due to changes in the way they manage their human resources, brought about by the NMBC customized HR System, labor related issues have been significantly reduced. In fact, not only have they been able to keep 8 crews running with competent and reliable workers, but they have also added a 9th crew. The word has quickly spread through the local grapevine that Twin Peaks Excavating is now the company for whom to work.

We at NMBC are very proud of this success story.

Calendar of Upcoming NMBC Events

To enable YOU to have better access to our services, we have set aside the 3rd Tuesday of every month this quarter as “Meet NMBC Day”

We will be available for FREE CONSULTATION:

October 19, 1999

November 16, 1999