“Now That’s A Good Question!”

Business owners continually ask us at NMBC some very good questions. One of our goals is to answer those questions. Therefore, in every newsletter we will select a question, or two, for NMBC’s Founders, Bruce Gillmore and Mick Lierley to answer. Please see the reverse side for instructions on how to submit your question(s).

Q: How Do I extend the life cycle of my business?

A: A business, much like a person, has a life cycle. Generally, a business will go through the stages of Introduction (birth), Growth (childhood & adolescence), Maturity (adulthood), Decline (old age), and Abandonment (death). If a business can survive the Introduction stage and evolve into the Growth stage it would be considered a success. Most new businesses (up to a reported 75%-90%) do not survive the Introduction stage. A good rule of thumb for a successful Introduction phase for a business would be 2-3 years. Unlike a person, a business does not have an inevitable timeline of development. The Introduction and Growth stages may vary by years from one business to another. Likewise, the Maturity stage of a business is not predetermined, and can be extended through proper management and foresight. One could view proactive management as a veritable “Business Fountain of Youth”! As a business evolves from one stage to the next, new problems and opportunities present themselves. These times can be both exciting and stressful, and this is precisely when NMBC can be most helpful. From time to time, take a moment and ascertain your business’s life cycle.

Q: Why is it “Risk Free” to do business with New Millennium Business Consultants?

A: NMBC does not work on a billed-hours basis, but rather we provide solutions in the form of pre-defined deliverables. That combined with the client not being charged for a deliverable, until it has been accepted with complete satisfaction, is why there is really no risk in doing business with NMBC. Obviously, we are very confident in our ability to completely satisfy our clients with solutions that really work.


You are about to participate in an exciting and productive process – the completion of a complimentary Analysis of your business. Regardless of the level of development in your business, whether you’re a small business with a few employees or have been managing your own business for years, the Analysis represents a line in the sand – a starting point, if you will, for creating a business you can live with.


Thousands of small business owners have taken advantage of this opportunity by completing this Analysis. By looking at their business through someone else’s eyes, most have come to realize new opportunities for increasing personal income, business profits, and productivity. 


To receive this introductory Analysis, fill out the personal information below and send it immediately to American Business Dynamics. Then we’ll send you a complete Business Analysis Packet and call to set up an appointment for an in-depth consultation with one of our Certified Coaches. In one session (generally 11/2 hours), you’ll learn how to make your business more profitable and more manageable.



Consultancy based accountancy” has evolved as the result of a stream of assignments.

Current work includes the Xero accounting package and barrister briefs.

The main accounting work has been trust and company compilation, and taxation work performed on behalf of a chartered accountancy practice; whilst the principal was on frequent overseas (London, Paris and New York) business trips, or has had exceptional workloads. 

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